Robotic technologies in retail

At Saturn it's Tory, at Decathlon Tally and at Zalando Torus: more and more often machines are giving people in the retail trade a hand. Robots are conquering warehouses and logistics centers as well as processes at the POS and on the sales floor. They take inventories from employees, report shelf gaps, navigate customers through the store, and shine with extra knowledge about products. According to a 
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EuroShop 2020

EuroShop 2020: The must-sees at the world’s largest retail trade fair

Over 100,000 visitors, almost 2,400 exhibitors, around 127,600 square metres of exhibition space: EuroShop in Düsseldorf is probably the most important trade fair for the entire retail sector. A visit is obligatory, so to say. Because such a good opportunity to experience the latest techniques, innovations and trends in one place is rare. You should definitely not miss it! I will also be present in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20.02.2020. Because you can quickly lose track of things at such a big trade fair, I've already done some .
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Everyday hero “Cardboard box”​: What you need to know about the packaging product

Moving, shopping, storage: cartons are practical, functional, multifunctional and essential in everyday life. In almost every industry they are used as packaging material for all kinds of products. The "Association of Paper Factories" concluded that in 2017, 22.7 million tons of paper, cardboard, and paperboard were produced in Germany alone. Worldwide, the numbers for the demand for paper and cardboard are significantly higher. According to the global study "World Paper Markets up to 2030" by "Pyöry Management Consulting", the .
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Food packaging: Protective or harmful?

Whether yoghurt, soups or drinks - they are all sold packaged in the supermarket. Overall, almost 90 percent of food products are sold in packaging. This adds up to a great amount: in 2018, more than 1.13 trillion packages were used for food and drinks in the EU. Packaging should keep our food fresh by protecting it from external influences such as light and oxygen. But .
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The new power in the warehouse for more efficient disposal

The disposal of outer packaging and cardboard packaging is one of the tasks in the food retail trade, to which little attention is paid. Even when potential savings are obvious, many companies have difficulties in tackling the issue. Because the tearing and pressing of the waste take place far away from the customer traffic, it is rather seen as annoying. Priority is given to the core business. While many sales processes have therefore already been optimized for efficiency, disposal often remains an invisible time eater, causing .
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How food retailers sell today – Three trends at a glance

Online business has been booming for years. Amazon and Co. have conquered the market. The stationary trade suffers from the success of the competition and is in danger of becoming a victim of the digital change. Food can now also be bought at Amazon. At first, food retailers did not see any danger in this, because buying food online – that seemed strange to Germans for a long time. But the trend is changing: a 
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Edible protective cover keeps fruit and vegetables fresh longer

Almost one third of the food produced in Germany ends up in the garbage. According to a recent WWF study, this is almost 18 million tons. Doing without packaging often means doing without long shelf life and freshness. The coating process is intended to kill two birds with one stone: the innovative technology does without packaging waste and guarantees fresh food a longer shelf life. The Rewe Group .
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Tesco, ALDI & Co. want to save tons of packaging waste – an overview of the CSR strategies of large retail groups

Whether plastic, cardboard or glass: they are packed to protect food and other goods. In 2017, Germans consumed an average of 226 kg of packaging – and the trend is rising. It is no secret that the production and disposal of packaging costs energy and thus pollutes the environment. While so-called "unpackaged shops" are springing up like mushrooms, .
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How to create unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers

When supermarket customers are greeted with sweet pineapple or the scent of freshly fried potato pancakes, there is often a clever concept behind it. In the competition against convenient online retailing, retailers appeal to all their cutomers’ senses to make shopping an experience. The supermarket should become a place where customers enjoy to spend their time. It is not primarily the type of marketing that is important, but the quality of the product range. "More than 40 million customers benefit every day from an enormous .
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24 things you could do if your disposal process was efficient

Buying presents, attending Christmas parties, preparing annual balance sheets - the Christmas season is for many the most stressful in the whole year. While to-do lists become longer and longer and task mountains pile up, time flies by. Saving time is rare. Stress is virtually pre-programmed. Of course, this also applies to the employees in food retailing, who have to struggle with the higher number of customers before the Christmas days (read also the article about Black Friday). What happens behind the scenes in the warehouse at .
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Black Friday and Christmas: How traders keep cool during these stressful times

The supposedly biggest discount battle of the year is imminent. On Friday hundreds of merchants and online shops will again compete for customers' favour with discount offers. The shopping event Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas business. And it's no longer just one day - many retailers expand the event into entire discount weeks. The cash registers ring in the retail trade. For the employees, this means stress above all. 25 percent more customers in food retailing  Black Friday comes at just the .
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Insertion of the collection cart into the AutoLoadBaler

Automatic disposal of cardboard packaging

A baler without manual cutting cardboard Anyone who wants to dispose of cardboard packaging without the annoying manual cutting of cardboard will be a fan of the AutoLoadBaler. The AutoLoadBaler offers: - Automatic filling - Time savings up to 4000 hours a year - Satisfied stuff With its automatic filling and integrated collecting system, this press is used in industry, food retailing, warehousing and logistics. Function: The collection car filled with cardboard is pushed into the press .
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Klaus Fricke, Operation manager, Rila Feinkost-Importe GmbH& Co. KG & Co. KG

A glimpse behind the scenes of a great disposal – This is the key to savings up to 8 hours a day!

The Rila Feinkost-Importe GmbH & Co. KG also called "Rila. The Genussentdecker® ", produces and distributes national food. With more than 1300 articles, Rila brings typical food and cooking to Germany's food markets. From Stemwede the delicacy brands such as "Menzi" and "Jürgen Langbein" and many more are sent directly to the food markets and central warehouses. With such a large number of products, also a high amount of packaging is required. During repackaging of articles from the pallet to the displays, for the .
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LiquiDrainer filling by fork truck

Three easy steps to dispose of full beverage containers

You work in the beverage industry and know about the time-consuming topic for disposal of full beverage containers? Manual opening and emptying of PET bottles is now history. With the dewaterer made by Strautmann, full beverage containers can be quickly and reliably emptied and devalued. He has been an indispensable part of the beverage industry for many years, but he is also more in demand in food production and in catering companies than ever before. The separation of beverage containers and liquids is his .
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Alexander Diehm, Operations Manager, Mineralbrunnen Krumbach GmbH in Kißlegg

Krumbach saves by reducing energy during PET disposal processes

The mineral water company Krumbach produces mineral water and soft drinks. Every year, up to 150 million bottles are filled. Subsequently, these are distributed to beverage wholesalers and retailers. Strautmann Umwelttechnik reports on the successful of three Strautmann installations at Mineralbrunnen Krumbach. Disposal earlier: In a previous disposal model, full PET bottles were emptied through a perforator, then compacted in bales using a channel baler. In-house handling was labor-intensive due to bale storage .
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Overcrowded disposal containers

Disposal cost reduction with residual waste presses

Who does not know this view? Waste bins and roll containers completely overcrowded and manual pressing seem wasted. For this area of application, the residual waste presses made by Strautmann are predestined. Whether in the catering, hotel industry in airline catering or in public institutions such as hospitals and schools, the field of application of the Strautmann residual waste presses is large. An economic and ergonomic disposal for employees is more in demand today than ever before. With the .
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AutoLoadBaler in the production

A blessing for your employees: that way you dispose today

J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known system supplier for the automotive industry. Well-known customers rely on the expertise of the automotive supplier from the Black Forest. Two Strautmann AutoLoadBaler and a total of 18 collection trolleys are now streamlining waste disposal processes of 50t of cardboard packaging. In the year 2014 WEISSER has intensively dealt with the improvement potential for the disposal. A disposal matrix was established. Then it was clear that the disposal needed to become more uniform and .
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3 steps to dispose full beverage containers economically

From 13rd to 15th November, Strautmann Umwelttechnik presented its waste disposal solutions at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. For more than 20 years Strautmann is known for its reliability and innovation for emptying and compaction of PET, beverage cans and TetraPak®. Since many years the LiquiDrainer and the BrikPress can’t be imagine out of beverage industry. With the Strautmann machines you get an immediate optimization of your disposal processes. 1. LiquiDrainer: Insertion of full beverage .
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Strautmann Umwelttechnik – Review FachPack 2016

This years FachPack was successful and confirmed that economic waste disposal processes are getting more attention than ever, tells Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH, from Germany. A lot of enquiries for optimized disposal and qualified visitors were the results of this three-day trade fair. Whether cardboard, film, PET bottles, beverage cans or airpop® compaction - those who were looking for economically, comfortablye and reliably disposal were perfectly right at Strautmann. AutoLoadBaler – Easy disposal The .
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BaleTainer at Wessels+Müller AG

BaleTainer – Modern recycling technology

Economical and environmentally friendly – the requirements for modern recycling technology are clearly formulated. Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH uses exactly these strengths with the BaleTainer, a fully automatic baler for paper, cardboard and PET bottles. The company from Glandorf, Germany has developed the product and when it comes to filling there is nothing to be desired. Whether by hand, by conveyor belt, by forklift or a wall connection, large and bulky recyclables can be conveniently .
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BaleTainer® Lifting device

Save seven hours per working day!

How is this possible? The Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH company in Straubing makes a summary: For two years now the ITK distributor has disposed of 840 tons of cardboard every year with the BaleTainer® - a fully automatic baling press. Since using the baler, disposal processes have slimmed down enormously. Mr. Reindl, Supervisor, Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH reports: "Our time savings are tremendously high. “We save seven hours a day, by using the BaleTainer." BaleTainer compacts the resulting .
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Anton Leon Baler on LinkedIn

Myself, Anton Leon Baler is now also active on LinkedIn. I network with a lot of business partners and many colleagues. You can read on LinkedIn some exciting stories from my daily work as head of Innovation. Order and cleanliness are not just a duty, but a passion to me. I also know a lot about pressure. Where others burst, I keep on .
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Economic disposal with a fully automatic BaleTainer

Economical and environmentally friendly - the requirements for modern recycling technology are clearly formulated. Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH uses exactly these strengths with the BaleTainer, a fully automatic baling press for paper, cardboard and PET bottles. The company from Glandorf in Germany has developed the product. Whether by hand, by conveyor belt, by forklift or by wall connection, large and bulky materials can be thrown in conveniently. Effortlessly, the BaleTainer winds the material, which is conveyed by a swingarm to .
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Strautmann Umwelttechnik Team

Review: Successful IFAT for Strautmann Umwelttechnik

The machine manufacturer Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH reports about the successful IFAT in Munich. A lot of visitors visited the stand during the five-day exhibition in hall A5 241/340. The live compaction of cardboard packaging and the emptying of beverage containers attracted many visitors to the stand. The company focused on the compaction and emptying of three materials: cardboard, film and PET. For these recyclables Strautmann offered different solutions. Economic compaction of cardboard and film The .
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Exhibition stand Strautmann Umwelttechnik

Economic disposal solutions at Anuga FoodTec

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH, based in Glandorf can look back on a very successful trade fair from 20 to 23 March in Cologne. Numerous visitors visited the Anuga FoodTec stand in Hall 8.1 B110 / 118 and were interested in the innovative waste management solutions made by Strautmann. The topic of "lean and clean disposal" is particularly important in food production. Many deliveries of goods lead to high quantities of cardboard and film. Strautmann offered visitors live .
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LogiMat 2017

AutoLoadBaler – the pioneer of lean disposal processes

Strautmann is looking back on a very successful exhibition in Stuttgart from March 13th-15th. Numerous LogiMat visitors came by at the booth in Hall 3 A61. The "AutoLoadBaler" a baler with automatic collection and filling system was the major attraction. The visitors were able to get a realistic impression of "modern disposal" with numerous LIVE-compactions at the stand. The topic of modern, economical and lean disposal was also shown on a model construction which compared the .
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Intelligent recycling in passenger aviation

LSG First Catering, the Swiss airline catering specialist from Bassersdorf, near Zurich airport, produces around 19,000 meals and sandwiches for the aviation industry every day. Its 230 employees are totally engaged enabling airlines such as Edelweiss Air, Helvetic Airways, Swiss International, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, American Airlines and United Airlines to provide their passengers with food and drinks. Every piece of packaging carried onto the plane is returned after the flight and must be disposed of. Owing to the .
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Anuga FoodTec, Halle 8.1 Stand B110/B118

Balers sweeten the daily life of chocolate factory!

From 20 – 23 March 2018, the international fair for the food and beverage industry Anuga FoodTec takes place in Cologne, Germany. The german manufacturer Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH presents its disposal solution especially for the food and beverage industry in Hall 8.1 Stand B110/B118. In these industries lots of raw material supplies effect a high amount of packaging material as cardboard, film or PET bottles. The famous chocolate manufacturer Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & .
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Daniel, Kleiner, Specialist for work safety, Albert Berner Deutschland GmbHDeutschland GmbH

Safe disposal system impresses employees and managers!

Since the beginning of this year two half automatic balers “AutoLoadBaler” are placed at Albert Berner GmbH. They streamline their disposal processes, reduce high costs and make disposal more safety. How did you take notice of the AutoLoadBaler? Mr. Daniel Kleiner, specialist for work safety and logistics, reports: "For the first time I noticed the AutoLoadBaler at the Logimat in March 2015. After intensive study of the information materials, a practical demonstration and a personal conversation with Mir. .
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AutoLoadBaler Live compacting

5 steps to save 4.000h during disposal of recycables!

Strautmann is looking back on a very successful trade fair in Düsseldorf. At the Interpack, Strautmann Umwelttechnik presented different waste handling solutions. The company offers balers and briquetting presses for compaction of valuable materials such as cardboard, film, PET, and airpop®. In focus - the automatic baler AutoLoadBaler with an integrated collection system. Visitors have been able to watch live what it’s like to dispose of automatically and time efficient. .
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LogiMat 2017

Do you also still tear up your cardboard packaging manually?

The solution: automatic baling press AutoLoadBaler Strautmann is looking back on a very successful exhibition in Stuttgart from March 14th-16th. Numerous LogiMat visitors came by at our booth in Hall 3 A65. The "AutoLoadBaler", a baler with automatic collection and filling system was the major attraction. The visitors were able to get a realistic impression of "modern disposal" with numerous LIVE-compactions at the stand. They learned how cardboard packaging is .
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Strautmann stand Euroshop

Modern waste disposal meets specialist audience at Euroshop!

At the Euroshop, Strautmann presented its various waste solutions from 05. – 09. March 2017. Strautmann reports about a positive response at Euroshop. National and international retailers visited the booth in Hall 3 A65. At the exhibition, the BalePress 10 a small baler for film and the AutoLoadBaler for cardboard disposal were presented. Strautmann balers are used to compact annual quantities of cardboard and film from 5t up to 350t. Thanks .
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BayWa AG discovers the assets that are hidden in the waste disposal!

BayWa AG in Röthlein, Germany, uses the new disposal solutions AutoLoadBaler and BalePress to dispose of cardboard and film. With this disposal solution 33,000€ are saved every year. The trading and service company Baywa AG is one of the largest full-range centers and supplies products for agriculture. More than one year ago BayWA AG discovered a new kind of disposal technology for themselves - the AutoLoadBaler. It not only guarantees an easy and comfortable disposal it also .
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Bernd Hummel, Team Leader Engineering

Efficient changes lead to higher disposal revenues!

AMK A. Müller GmbH & Co. KG based in Römerstein, Germany is a supplier to the automotive industry. Well known manufacturers such as Daimler are customers of the company. Now AMK disposes the resulting cardboard packaging and film with Strautmann balers. The company has around 130 employees at Römerstein, Germany which operates in 3 shifts from Monday to Friday. The aim of AMK was to minimize the costs by optimizing waste management processes and getting higher revenues for compacted .
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EuroShop 2017

AutoLoadBaler – Unique and patented From warehouses to stores – A success for everyone!

Originally designed for the retail industry, our AutoLoadBaler now inspires warehousing and production industry with automatic filling and small footprint. Our customers like distribution centers and groceries report about more time for the core business and less walking routes. At the EuroShop in Hall 15/ E56 we present our automatic baler AutoLoadBaler and other solutions for optimized disposal. REWE distribution center .
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LiquiDrainer Rotor

5 steps to success: economical disposal of beverage containers

From 8th to 10th November, Strautmann Umwelttechnik presented its waste disposal solutions at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. For more than 20 years Strautmann is known for its reliability and innovation for emptying and compaction of PET, beverage cans and TetraPak®. Since many years the LiquiDrainer and the BrikPress can’t be imagine out of beverage industry. With the Strautmann machines you get an immediate optimization of your disposal processes. Quick and lean you can reduce your disposal processes to a .
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BrikPress and LiquiDrainer

Lean disposal processes enable the Mineralbrunnen GmbH Teinach more time

Glandorf - Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH, manufacturer of bale- and briquetting presses. The Strautmann LiquiDrainer and BrikPress have become a part of the beverage industry and optimize since a long time the worldwide disposal logistics.The mineral wells Teinach GmbH is a company of Mineralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach GmbH & Co. KGaA. The regional brand company produces mineral water and sweet drinks. More than 160 million bottles a year are filled on a production area of about 2.500 m². These then are sold to beverage .
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Forklift feeding

Strautmann Umwelttechnik at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany

At BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, the Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH present from 08. - 10.11.2016 different disposal solutions.Guarantee of success LiquiDrainer Quick. Reliable. Save. These are the factors that make the LiquiDrainer be a guarantor for success. For the beverage industry it is unpossible to dispose of without the LiquiDrainer since many years. Also for food production and catering companies the LiquiDrainer is more necessary than ever.The separation of beverage containers and liquids is his specialist .
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Angelo Rosenberger, Rewe Dortmund

“We work according to the specialist principle”

A saving of 2,000 hours "From now on, thanks to the AutoLoadBaler, we can calculate a saving of 2,000 hours of manpower in the disposal of cardboard packaging and make good use of these hours for our core business." Angelo Rosenberger, head of the largest commissioning area in the dry goods department of Rewe Dortmund, explains how the disposal situation has improved. Wholesale food products Rewe Dortmund The dry goods warehouse was established in Dortmund in 1973 and has around 450 employees. .
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Mr. Kamphowe, Operation manager, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG

Balers sweeten the daily life of chocolate factory!

The chocolate manufacturer Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG from Herford produces high-quality chocolate for 100 years. 260 employees manage 23.000t per year and achieve a turnover of about 100 million euros. The chocolate is delivered to trade chains, discounters and dealers in 42 countries. Because of the previous time- and labour intensive disposal solution - during a ‘Gemba Project‘(a project where employees restructure their workplace regarding to lean-management) they got the idea of saving at this point ‘disposal‘ .
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