Wednesday, 13. December 2017

Safe disposal system impresses employees and managers!

Since the beginning of this year two half automatic balers “AutoLoadBaler” are placed at Albert Berner GmbH. They streamline their disposal processes, reduce high costs and make disposal more safety.

How did you take notice of the AutoLoadBaler?
Mr. Daniel Kleiner, specialist for work safety and logistics, reports: “For the first time I noticed the AutoLoadBaler at the Logimat in March 2015. After intensive study of the information materials, a practical demonstration and a personal conversation with Mir. Blöhs, from Strautmann Umwelttechnik, we decided to buy the presses a short time later.”

Every year, the leading trading company for consumables, tools, accessories and services for professional users in the industry, as well as in the construction and automotive sectors, generates approx. 240 tons of cardboard. These are now compacted with two half automatic balers, which are centrally located at the main points. One AutoLoadBaler is located in the goods receipt of the 15,000 m² logistics center in Künzelsau, the other in the picking warehouse. Overall, the cardboard is collected in over 30 collection carts and transported to the balers.

Disposal now
When a collection cart is full the operator pushes it into the AutoLoadBaler. One button press and the collection cart is emptied by itself in a matter of seconds. The staff can directly continue to work and doesn’t have filling time anymore. Daniel Kleiner “We have a closed system with the AutoLoadBaler, which is very important to me as a specialist for work safety. There is no possibility to intervene when the machine is running. The central position of the press means shorter running distances, no disposal by wind and weather and a free available ramp. The disposal is generally faster and more convenient. “The efficiency has also improved enormously. Due to the loss of container rental, high revenues and time savings we have cost savings of 46,000€ every year. This is a calculation that makes fun”, says Kleiner.

AutoLoadBaler – A very important unique selling point
Kleiner explains why it had to be none other baler than the AutoLoadBaler: “The AutoLoadBaler features a very important unique selling point: the collection carts. That was the main reason for us to decide for Strautmann. The collection cart is simply pushed into the side of the baler and then emptied by itself, everyone can handle this system. All other systems require more handling operation”.

Disposal before
Before the cardboard was collected in different containers and then transported to the outside placed press container by forklift. Emptying of collecting containers was only possible by unsing a pallet truck or a forklift. So that the forklift traffic was very high. The press container was then picked up every second day. This resulted in high handling and transport costs. In addition, the press container blocked a ramp, which was urgently needed. Overall the disposal of cardboard packaging was time-consuming and cost-intensive.

The usage of two Strautmann AutoLoadBaler has made the disposal of cardboard packaging much easier for the employees. The employees are happy about the quick and ergonomic disposal. In economic terms the company saves 46.000€ each year. Albert Berner GmbH has optimized it’s disposal optimally and is a big fan of the AutoLoadBaler.

Information about Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH
The Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH, based in Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg, is a German subsidiary of the internationally established Berner Group. The divisions Berner, Caramba and BTI are the pillars of the Berner Group.

Today Berner is one of the leading multi-channel distributors of consumables, tools, accessories and services for professional users in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors. Across Europe, around 6,500 employees, 4,500 of them in the sales force, ensure a perfect all-round service. Berner stands for professional and personal advice, sophisticated service concepts and services as well as a high-quality and comprehensive product range of 75,000 products. This is how Berner combines local personal advice with the advantages of digital distribution channels. Above all, the high level of enthusiasm for the craft is what distinguishes Berner throughout Europe.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

Daniel, Kleiner, Specialist for work safety, Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH
Daniel, Kleiner, Specialist for work safety, Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH
Slide in of the collection cart
Slide in of the collection cart
Throw in of cardboard packaging into the collection cart
Throw in of cardboard packaging into the collection cart