Profitable and full automatic disposal.

More time for your core business - less for the disposal

Patented and unique!

Our full automatic disposal solutions AutoLoadBaler and BaleTainer® make your disposal become highly efficient. Automation and minimization of the time needed for the disposal is the focus here. From automatic filling up to automatic bale ejection these systems are your clever disposal experts. The half-automatic AutoLoadBaler is far ahead of conventional balers. Automatic filling of the press chamber saves much time for your employees.

In addition, due to the collection with high-volume collection trolleys walk ways and forklift costs are reduced to a minimum. The BaleTainer® is the specialist in the field of compacting high amounts of PET bottles and big volume cardboard packaging and film. Even cardboard pallets can be inserted without pre-crushing them. The full automatic baler BaleTainer® compacts your “waste” into recyclable and profitable bales.