Tuesday, 28. March 2017

Modern waste disposal meets specialist audience at Euroshop!

At the Euroshop, Strautmann presented its various waste solutions from 05. – 09. March 2017.

Strautmann reports about a positive response at Euroshop. National and international retailers visited the booth in Hall 3 A65.

At the exhibition, the BalePress 10 a small baler for film and the AutoLoadBaler for cardboard disposal were presented. Strautmann balers are used to compact annual quantities of cardboard and film from 5t up to 350t. Thanks to the high compacted bales and the central assembly of the balers, customers save money and also achieve high revenues.

Highlight at the exhibition: A part of the Strautmann exhibition ground was equipped with a tartan raceway. This led to the AutoLoadBaler, a bale press with automatic collection and filling system. On the tartan raceway collection trolleys printed with customer statements were positioned. Conventional containers such as lattice carts and shopping carts have also been positioned for comparison. The visual difference between the ordinary collection trolleys and the overloaded lattice boxes became quickly clear. The interested also recognized the advantage of the collection trolleys – high filling volume and individual print for a clean and economical disposal. The model construction with the disposal situation “before press container” and “after AutoLoadBaler” also achieved high attention. The visitors recognized themselves in the disposal situation. Surrounding cartons in the corridors and overloaded shopping carts are no  part of modern disposal anymore. The cardboard packaging disturbs the pleasant ambience of the shopping malls.

The solution: Automatic baler – AutoLoadBalerCardboard boxes are thrown into the collecting trolley and then driven into the AutoLoadBaler. The collection trolley is pushed into the side of the press and gets emptied by itself. Thanks to the central installation and automatic emptying and compaction, the employees have shorter distances and no waiting or filling time. The collection trolleys can be printed pleasing by individual prints.

Function: The collection trolley loaded with cardboard is inserted into the side of the machine. The bottom of the collecting trolley is lifted upwards via a scissor lift. A rotor then pulls the cardboard evenly into the press chamber. The collection trolley thus is emptied by itself. After the collecting trolley has been emptied, the pressing process begins. With a pressing force of 53t, a 400kg directmarketable bale is compacted. The automatic emptying of the collection trolley and the reduction of the internal walking distances save up to 2.000 hours annually. Your employees have more time for the core business.

Josef Stenten, Managing director Rewe Stenten in Aachen reports: „The key point is that we reduced our collections from 27,778 to 7,018 collections. We walk 2,000 hours less every year for the waste disposal and save lots of costs. Strautmann offered to us the solution with the mobile collecting trolley – an excellent idea. Now the handling of the mobile trolley is much more comfortable. The atmosphere in our market is much more quiet and pleasant for our customers as well.”

The company Strautmann Umwelttechnik is a manufacturer of balers and briquetting presses. The volume of the recyclable material like:– cardboard packaging- film- PET, beverage cans, TetraPack can be reduced to a minimum with the presses.

  • Central positioning of the presses reduce the walking distances.
  • Large filling openings and automatic filling systems lead to high time savings.
  • The compaction of the materials also minimizes the volume and saves space.
  • The result is full transport capacity because of directmarketable bales and briquettes.
  • Lower forklift and transport costs also save a lot of Co² emissions. This way waste disposal is economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

EuroShop 2017
EuroShop 2017
Strautmann stand Euroshop
Strautmann stand Euroshop
AutoLoadBaler time machine
AutoLoadBaler time machine