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Lean disposal processes enable the Mineralbrunnen GmbH Teinach more time

Glandorf – Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH, manufacturer of bale- and briquetting presses. The Strautmann LiquiDrainer and BrikPress have become a part of the beverage industry and optimize since a long time the worldwide disposal logistics.The mineral wells Teinach GmbH is a company of Mineralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach GmbH & Co. KGaA. The regional brand company produces mineral water and sweet drinks. More than 160 million bottles a year are filled on a production area of about 2.500 m². These then are sold to beverage wholesale trade or food retail. The company now compacts the PET bottles with three Strautmann machines.

“We looked for a partner that automates our disposal solution and guarantees us reliability.” Mr. Schanz, plant manager, Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH

Fully automatic disposal concept of empty PET bottles: According to strict rules in the beverage industry only bottles with 100 %  can be filled and soled. In the production of Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH also just slightly damaged bottles are automatically removed from the production process. These bottles are transported on a conveyor belt which passes through a slot in the adjacent hall. In the hall the three Strautmann machines are positioned. Through the conveyor belts the empty PET bottles are directly transported into the two redundant briquetting presses. Thus, the PET bottles are economical, fully automatic and fast compressed.

Disposal of full PET bottles: Full PET bottles are disposed of with the LiquiDrainer. Full PET bottles, which are after the best of date, are collected in small containers and lifted by truck into the LiquiDrainer. The PET bottles are emptied and savely devaluated. The now empty PET bottles are transported via the ejection onto the conveyor belt of the BrikPress and then compressed into briquettes.

BrikPress channel system: The highly compacted briquettes are pushed through channels outside to the triple distributor. The transport of the briquettes is made without additional energy consumption, as the briquettes are automatically pushed by the strong pressing force of BrikPress. This saves energy and time. Via the triple distributor the briquettes then pass into the container. When a container is full, the logistic department gets a message and can order the collection.

Disposal previously:Before the PET bottles were disposed of with Strautmann they have been disposed of by a perforator and a channel baler. The two systems were very far away from the production, thus the Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH had long transport ways and a high in-house handling.Emissions of filler and blowing machine was collected in containers and driven by a truck outside to the disposal site. The bottles were then thrown in  the perforator and thus pre-compressed and emptied. The presorted emptied bottles were blown into the ejector via an air transport in a channel baler. The PET bottles were pressed into large bales. The bales then had to be stored. If enough bales had beenaccumulated for a truck, the bales had to be picked up from the disposer. This was also a time-consuming step, because the bales had to be charged.

Disadvantages at a glance:

  • high internal handling
  • high energy costs
  • loss of time through lengthy disposal
  • many shipments

Reasons of buying the Strautmann solution: For the Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH it was important to obtain a reliable and fully automated disposal solution that can be integrated into the production. The use of two redundant BrikPress machines ensures also an extremely high reliability. Through the installation of LiquiDrainer, the two BrikPress and briquette channel system the internal handling has been reduced to a minimum.

Mr. Schanz, plant manager,  Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH says: “We chose the Strautmann machines, because we wanted to reduce time and energy effort. Since then we have significantly less transport routes – we don’t even need to load anything anymore. ”

Strautmann Umwelttechnik – Brau Beviale Hall 6 Stand 203

Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH
Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH
BrikPress and LiquiDrainer
BrikPress and LiquiDrainer
Ejection of the LiquiDrainer
Ejection of the LiquiDrainer