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EuroShop 2020: The must-sees at the world’s largest retail trade fair

Over 100,000 visitors, almost 2,400 exhibitors, around 127,600 square metres of exhibition space: EuroShop in Düsseldorf is probably the most important trade fair for the entire retail sector. A visit is obligatory, so to say. Because such a good opportunity to experience the latest techniques, innovations and trends in one place is rare. You should definitely not miss it!

I will also be present in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20.02.2020. Because you can quickly lose track of things at such a big trade fair, I’ve already done some research in advance. I will introduce you to the places you should definitely not miss and where you can discover the most interesting innovations and trends. Here are the must-sees of EuroShop 2020!

Experiencing the future today

A total of eight dimensions can be explored at EuroShop. These are theme worlds; in each dimension you will find the most interesting innovations of a key topic. I can particularly recommend one of the eight dimensions to you.

And that is the “Retail Technology” dimension. There you will find the newest technologies, for example, in relation to virtual reality and artificial intelligence. These terms come up again and again when we talk about innovations. Of course these are technologies of the future – no retailer today can run his business completely automatically. But it may already be technically possible – or we are well on the way to achieving this. You can experience the current state of the art at EuroShop. But is this really what we want? An automated retail trade? That’s exactly why you have to take a look at the innovations. Because we should already be starting to think about which role machines and technology should play in future retail trade. And also which role humans will take on in the future.

Machine as support

My opinion: Machines should support the retail trade, but the human being is still in the centre of attention. Because he has something that no machine can offer: empathy. Humans can read customers’ wishes from their eyes and satisfy them. But he needs time for that. Time that machines can give him, for example when they take over time-consuming routine tasks.

How this can look like in practice, you can learn from my colleagues at Strautmann. They will show you in hall 15 at stand E56 an innovative waste disposal solution with which you can save 2000 working hours per year. Thus, the employees have more time for what really matters: the customers. How does this work? Very simple: Through automation. An automatic baler no longer needs to be filled manually. In my opinion, solutions like this are the future of the retail trade. Therefore, the Strautmann stand is definitely one of the must-sees at the EuroShop!

Exchange with experts

Looking at innovations is good, exchanging ideas is better. The stages at EuroShop offer space for this. The name has changed – they were called forums in the past – but the concept stays the same: you have the opportunity to talk to international experts and listen to exciting technical presentations. Would you like to know what the latest developments in the field of self-scanning are? Then you should visit the Retail Technology Stage in Hall 6. If you are interested in topics in the field of shopper marketing, the Retail Marketing Stage in Hall 1 is the right place for you. Here you will find an overview of all stages and presentations.

My insider tip: My colleague Thomas Gruschwitz also shares his expertise and presents innovative disposal solutions. You will meet him on 19 February at 13:30 pm on the Retail Marketing Stage.

The best innovation of the year

It will also be exciting on 17 February at 4 pm on the Expo + Event Stage in Hall 4 E40. This is where the IFES Development + Innovation Award (IDIA) will be presented. This award honours products or projects and services that not only have convincing future potential, but are also cost-effective and sustainable. And this is exactly what innovation means. They not only have to be new, but also economically viable and bring long-term benefits. The award is therefore an absolute must see!

Meeting the big players of tomorrow today

The special areas at EuroShop are also a must-see. At the Retail Technology & Marketing start-up hub in Hall 3, you can meet start-ups whose ideas are ready to revolutionise the retail sector. They are young, dynamic and innovative – the perfect environment for new, creative ideas. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet a start-up today that will be very successful tomorrow. So this is a unique opportunity.

The Innovation Hub in Hall 4 E03 also promises some visions of the future. Here, you will also experience things from areas such as virtual and augmented reality. By the way, I mean experience literally. Because you don’t just look at the solutions, you try them out.

Off to EuroShop!

You see, a visit to EuroShop is absolutely profitable. A unique trade fair experience is guaranteed. We would also be very happy to meet you at EuroShop! Just visit the Strautmann stand in hall 15 at stand E56. I am looking forward to you and an exciting exchange.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

EuroShop 2020
EuroShop 2020