Tuesday, 26. March 2019

Erfolgs-Garant LiquiDrainer

Erfolgs-Garant LiquiDrainer

Success-Guarantee LiquiDrainer

At Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH from Glandorf, Germany presents its various disposal solutions in Hall 6 Stand 105.

Emptying of PET, TetraPak® and cans with the success-guarantee LiquiDrainer
Quick like lightning. Reliable. Safe. This makes the LiquiDrainer® dewatering press a guaranteed success. He has been an indispensable part of the beverage industry for many years, but he is also in demand in food production and in catering companies. The separation of beverage containers and liquids is his specialty. Cans, PET bottles or Tetra-Pak® with the LiquiDrainer, emptying of batches, residues and all empty containers that need to be emptied becomes child’s play.

Full beverage containers are inserted manually or automatically into the hopper of the machine. A feed rock then conveys the material to a rotor which pierced the beverage containers and empties them. At the same time the goods are pre-compressed and devalued, so that no abuse can be operated. The emptied overpackaging is issued and can be compacted in the next step to bales and briquettes. The special rotor technology empties up to 10,000 1 l bottles per hour. In one minute over 150 bottles are enforced. The liquids run through a filter box and are discharged separately. A residual emptying of the liquids up to 99% is achieved. The small footprint and the low machine weight of 665kg enable mobile use. The LiquiDrainer is safe, fast, economical and plug and play to install.

Expensive manual opening of the bottle and dumping the liquids are history. With the LiquiDrainer the emptying takes place automatically and without man-power. The disposal remains in-house, which prevents for example that bad batches get in circulation. The disposal costs are reduced considerably because the liquids are no longer weighed. In addition, high sales are achieved by marketing the liquids and compressing the beverage containers with bale or briquette presses.

Watch the LiquiDrainer® live and in action at the Bau Beviale in Nuremberg in hall 6 stand 105