Monday, 03. April 2017

Do you also still tear up your cardboard packaging manually?

The solution: automatic baling press AutoLoadBaler

Strautmann is looking back on a very successful exhibition in Stuttgart from March 14th-16th. Numerous LogiMat visitors came by at our booth in Hall 3 A65. The “AutoLoadBaler”, a baler with automatic collection and filling system was the major attraction. The visitors were able to get a realistic impression of “modern disposal” with numerous LIVE-compactions at the stand. They learned how cardboard packaging is disposed of in a time-saving and economic way.

Time-saving disposal
The centrally positioned AutoLoadBaler with collection trolleys optimizes the disposal. Up to 4,000 hours are possibly saved with the AutoLoadBaler.

Collection trolleys are placed directly at source where cardboard packaging accrues. The employees just have to put the cardboard packaging into the collecting trolley and insert it in the baler. Afterwards employees just push one button to start the baler and go back to work. During this process, the inserted collection trolley is emptied automatically. A scissor lifting table pushes the bottom of the collecting trolley upwards. The cardboard is gripped by the rotor and then conveyed evenly into the press chamber. The collection trolley thus is emptied by itself. With 53t pressing force, the cardboard is pressed into a 400kg bale, being ready for high revenue marketing.

Advantages for your employees:

  • more time for the core business
  • less walking distances
  • no waiting and filling time

Through disposal systems such as press containers, you are wasting precious time of your employees. With the AutoLoadBaler you have more time for the core business. Thanks to direct marketable bales you achieve high revenues and short amortization times.

On the exhibition, alsoour BalePress 10 has been set up for film disposal, where Strautmann also received positive resonance. This small BalePress compacts material optimal. Central positioning and runway savings allow the small and compact baler giving a success guarantee. Even with the compacted film bales customers achieve higher revenues.Strautmann balers and briquetting presses optimize disposal in the areas of warehousing, logistics, retail and beverage industry for more than 20 years. With the wide range of products from small and compact balers up to full automatic balers, Strautmann is your reliable partner.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

LogiMat 2017
LogiMat 2017
Viewer at AutoLoadBaler
Viewer at AutoLoadBaler
AutoLoadBaler time machine
AutoLoadBaler time machine