Various baling presses for the wholesale trade


In the wholesale trade, mainly different quantities of cardboard packagings and films accumulate. These quantities need to be disposed of efficiently. Our wide product portfolio offers the convenient presses for various applications, for example small and large baling presses with bale weights from 40kg up to 550kg or the automatic baling press BaleTainer®. Due to its compact design, the BaleTainer® can be directly installed in the warehouse or in an outdoor area at a ramp.

Besides the BaleTainer®, the AutoLoadBaler completes the product portfolio of automatic presses. Cardboard packagings are collected by means of a collection cart directly at the place where they are accruing. The collection cart is pushed into the press and the material is automatically conveyed into the pressing chamber. Thus, the internal logistics process in the company is improved and time and labour costs are saved.

We will be pleased to personally present to you the various installation options and to find your optimum disposal situation.