Profitable disposal for warehousing and logistics

In the warehousing and logistics field, mostly large quantities of cardboard packaging and film accrue which are to be directly compacted at the place where they are accruing. This is the only way to improve the internal logistics and to avoid unnecessary transport journeys and transport costs. Small and large single-chamber baling presses and multi-chamber baling presses are available for the selective compaction of different quantities of cardboard packaging and film. The automatic baling press models BaleTainer® and AutoLoadBaler are particularly well suited for enterprises with a high amount of material and large-volume cardboard packagings. In this case, the easy-to-use and low time consuming concept of the presses pays off. The fully automatic baling presses help to save labour costs and achieve highest proceeds when directly marketing the bales.

We will be pleased to personally present to you the various installation options and to find your optimum disposal situation.

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