Profitable disposal for the industry

In the industry, various recyclables such as film, cardboard packaging, cardboard and drums accrue. Our product portfolio offers various baling presses to compact such recyclables in a profitable and climate-friendly way, for example small and large single-chamber baling presses for cardboard packaging and film with bale weights from 40kg up to 550kg.

Multi-chamber baling presses are well suitable for the sorting and compaction of cardboard packagings and films.
For the compaction of empty rolling hoop and light metal drums, Strautmann has developed the drum press FP 200 which is able to compact different kinds of drums. Furthermore, the automatic baling presses BaleTainer® und AutoLoadBaler are available. These models help you to save labour costs and to achieve higher proceeds when marketing the bales.

We will be pleased to personally present to you the various installation options and to find your optimum disposal situation.