Tuesday, 07. February 2017

BayWa AG discovers the assets that are hidden in the waste disposal!

BayWa AG in Röthlein, Germany, uses the new disposal solutions AutoLoadBaler and BalePress to dispose of cardboard and film. With this disposal solution 33,000€ are saved every year.

The trading and service company Baywa AG is one of the largest full-range centers and supplies products for agriculture. More than one year ago BayWA AG discovered a new kind of disposal technology for themselves – the AutoLoadBaler. It not only guarantees an easy and comfortable disposal it also saves time of up to annually 4,000 hours.

AutoLoadBaler – Modern and automatic disposal
Thanks to its small footprint, the AutoLoadBaler was positioned centrally in the logistics centre. 100t cardboard and 5t film are collected with the 10 collection trolleys. The resulting cardboard is stored directly at source in a collecting trolley and then pushed into the side of the press. The employee starts the emptying process just by pushing a button. The employee can proceed directly with his work.

The moveable ground of the collecting trolley is conveyed upwards by a scissor lift. The cardboard thus reaches a rotor which conveys the cardboard boxes into the press chamber. After that the cardboard is compacted into a bale. Annoying, manual emptying is completely banished. The collection trolley is emptied by itself.

High revenues:
The AutoLoadBaler compacts cardboard with 530kN pressing force into 400kg heavy, directly marketable bales. They can be marketed to high revenues.

Mr. Michael Hunstock, Head of logistics centre, Baywa AG Röthlein, reports: “With the AutoLoadBaler, we have now a space-saving and automatic disposal solution that is amortized within 9 months! Our walking routes and disposal times have been greatly reduced since then!

AutoLoadBaler – Compact and unique
“The uniqueness of the machine was the main reason for the purchase. Other competitors offer disposal solutions, in which the collection trolleys are emptied by using a scissor lift table at the AutoLoadBaler is compact and unique. No one else could offer us such a solution! “Michael Hunstock, Head of the logistic center, Baywa AG Röthlein

BalePress – Disposal of film
At BayWa AG approximately 5 tonnes of film accrues per year. The film also need to be compacted easily. Therefore a film bag is attached to each collection trolley of the AutoLoadBaler. This allows the employees to dispose of cardboard and film simultaneously with one disposal system. As soon as the film bag is full, it is brought to the BalePress positioned next to the AutoLoadBaler. The film bag is removed from the holding of the collecting trolley and placed into the BalePress. With a pressing force of 6t, the press plate presses the film into a 60kg-80kg film bale. The press plate remains on the film bale after the pressing process, thus prevents re-expansion of the material. The result is a high bale density and less consumption of binding material.

Cost reduction
With the right disposal you save a small fortune every year. Baywa AG in Röthlein has saved around € 33,000 a year since the use of the automatic baler AutoLoadBaler and the BalePress.

Previous disposal with a press container
Cardboard was collected in pallet cages and film was collected in film bags. The materials were transported to the press container outside. Once arrived at the press container, the pallet cages had to be emptied manually. The employees had to accept long walking distances in wind and weather, so that the cardboard and film was placed as small and space-saving as possible into the pallet cages. Pre-crushing took much time and was unproductive. The whole procedure was time consuming and took the staff lots of strength.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH at the Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany – Hall 5 Stand J02

Central location of AutoLoadBaler in logistics center
Central location of AutoLoadBaler in logistics center
Convenient slide-in the collecting trolley
Convenient slide-in the collecting trolley