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AutoLoadBaler – Unique and patented From warehouses to stores – A success for everyone!

Originally designed for the retail industry, our AutoLoadBaler now inspires warehousing and production industry with automatic filling and small footprint. Our customers like distribution centers and groceries report about more time for the core business and less walking routes. At the EuroShop in Hall 15/ E56 we present our automatic baler AutoLoadBaler and other solutions for optimized disposal.

REWE distribution center reports:
The  dry  goods  warehouse  was  established  in  Dortmund  in 1973  and  has  around  450 employees. On an area of 65,000m², approx. 1,500t of goods are commissioned here for more than 500 regional branches every day. The AutoLoadBaler and ten collection carts process  300t  of  cardboard  packaging  from  the commissioning  area.  The  AutoLoadBaler was installed in the warehouse to ensure optimum operation.
A saving of 2,000 hours every year
“From now on, thanks to the AutoLoadBaler, we  can  calculate  a saving  of  2,000 hours  of  manpower  in  the  disposal  of cardboard packaging and make good use of  these  hours  for  our core  business.“ Angelo Rosenberger, head of the largest commissioning  area  in  the  dry  goods department  of  Rewe Dortmund,  explains how the disposal situation has improved.

The cardboard is collected in the collection cart and transported to the AutoLoadBaler by means of the industrial truck driven by a member of staff. At the AutoLoadBaler, he sets down the cart and pushes it into the AutoLoadBaler. Due to the fact that an empty collection cart is always available at the AutoLoadBaler, the staff member takes it directly with him and does not have to wait until the full collection cart has been emptied. The filling time isconsiderably reduced.
Previously:  “Our  members  of  staff  could  only  stow  away  half as  much  cardboard packaging into the pallet cage and even had to throw it into the press container by hand, which was rather troublesome. They had to bend relatively far into the container while the cardboard  packaging  even  got  stuck  in  the  pallet cage.  So  quite  some  force  had to  be applied for emptying. Furthermore, the door was open, and in winter the wind blew through causing the waste to fly around in the yard. This is all over now. Our staff members really approve of that, too.“

Now: “Our members of staff no longer have to cover great distances. The paths could be reduced  by  50%,  and  things  are tidier and cleaner.  Furthermore, the AutoLoadBaler is an internal solution which does not depend on the weather. The automatic filling saves additional time. We previously calculated the profitability. Our members of staff used to be outside for five to ten minutes. Plus the distance that had to be covered. Now, we are much faster. We only have to change the cart.“
Food groceries EDEKA and REWE report:

Edeka Bruns:
About 40 tons of cardboard are disposed of by Edeka Bruns in Oldenburg every year using the AutoLoadBaler.  The  collection  and  disposal  of the cardboard is part of daily business.
“The  best  thing  for  me  is  that  every morning when I get into the store, I see that the fresh food  shelves  are  filled  and  no  waste boxes  are  left anymore.  Since  we  installed  the  AutoLoadBaler everything is tidy. The  AutoLoadBaler  solves  the  problems  with cardboard  disposal  all  at  once:  no  more  manual crushing of boxes, the customer is not disturbed by scrapes of cardboard lying around and we achieve a fresh and clean appearance. It is sensational that the cardboard only needs to be handled once. The payback period is about 2.5 years. A better return is not imaginable. Everybody should take a look at this breakthrough solution.“ Mr. Bruns, Chief Executive Officer, Edeka Bruns in Edewecht

REWE Stenten:
With its sales area of 3.600 m² the supermarket runs 92 employees and serves about 3.000 customers a day. Every week about 2.000 kg cardboard accrue.

“Strautmann offered a solution with a collecting trolley to us to solve our cardboard problems. An excellent idea.  We mainly save time for our staff, who directly accepted the system. Now the handling of the trolley is much more comfortable than handling the compactor outside before. Today, the atmosphere in our market is much more quiet and pleasant for our customers as well. The key point is that we save walking routes and due to that we save huge costs. Today we use this to serve our customers in an optimized way.” angenehmere Atmosphäre in  unserem  Laden“. Mr. Stenten, Managing Director, Rewe Stenten in Aachen

AutoLoadBaler functional principle:
The collecting trolleys full with cardboard packaging are pushed into the side of the press. A scissor lifting table lifts the ground of the collecting trolley upwards. As soon as cardboard reaches the rotor, baler pulls the cardboard into the press chamber and fills it evenly. This process is activated with just one push of a button. The employee takes an empty collection trolley and has no waiting time. The full collection trolley is emptied by itself!

This kind of disposal is unique and patented! At the EuroShop we will do live demonstrations. Convince yourself and visit us at EuroShop in Hall 15/ E56!

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH at EuroShop – Hall 15 Stand E56

EuroShop 2017
EuroShop 2017
AutoLoadBaler at warehouse of Rewe Dortmund
AutoLoadBaler at warehouse of Rewe Dortmund
Individual designed collection trolley at REWE
Individual designed collection trolley at REWE