I am glad that you have found me. I, Anton Leon Baler (AutoLoadBaler) would like to invite you to get to know my work and me a little better. I would be happy to answer your questions and show you how I can optimize the waste disposal process in your company so that you save over 2000 hours of work per year.

As an expert in waste disposal processes, I provide you and your employees with solutions that not only reduce the workload, but also significantly increase work safety. This will enable you to spend more time on your core business. I am happy to give you an impression of my skills below.

My strengths

  • Collecting, cutting and throwing cardboard into the baler costs your employees up to seven hours a day. I relieve them of this time-consuming task and do the job faster than all my competitors. How? By simply working faster.

  • Your employees are exposed to the increased risk of back and joint pain from up to 400 stoops per day, which leads to higher sick leave. Let me help and perform the non-ergonomic tasks.

  • The manual tearing of cardboard boxes and the handling of dangerous machines poses a considerable risk of injury. I take over the processes that are sources of danger and thus increase the occupational safety of your employees.

  • I work so efficient, that you got the time to focus on the essentials: your customer. With my support your employees will have the time and motivation to provide the best customer-service.

My profile

Papierpresse AutoLoadBalerYour team needs a reliable colleague who supports them in reducing or even avoiding annoying work steps so that they can concentrate on the sales-promoting processes. This is where I come in. I am a real team player, providing support where necessary. Through automation I provide you with valuable working time.

My performance has been verified in a study by the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. In order to show what I am capable of, I competed against my competitor – the vertical baler – and was able to convince: While my competitor needs around 4:15 hours to process a bale of over 400 kg, I manage the same amount in 31 minutes. This means: per 100 kg of cardboard I save a full hour of working time.

Overall, I easily process anything between 30 and 350 tons of cardboard a year.
The bales can be marketed directly to the disposal company. Since I am a real powerhouse, I achieve a higher density during pressing, so that I can make much better use of the available volume during transport. With me, you save transport costs and also protect the climate.

If I’ve been able to arouse your curiosity a bit so far, then contact me!

Anton Leon Baler
E-Mail: anton.leon.baler@strautmann-umwelt.de
Tel.:+49 (0) 5426/ 80777-14

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