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A blessing for your employees: that way you dispose today

J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known system supplier for the automotive industry. Well-known customers rely on the expertise of the automotive supplier from the Black Forest. Two Strautmann AutoLoadBaler and a total of 18 collection trolleys are now streamlining waste disposal processes of 50t of cardboard packaging.

In the year 2014 WEISSER has intensively dealt with the improvement potential for the disposal. A disposal matrix was established. Then it was clear that the disposal needed to become more uniform and efficient. The aim was to streamline the disposal processes, to save costs and to find one contact person for the whole disposal of cardboard.

As a result, Mr. Mettmann, assistant of the production management, and some of his colleagues visited the exhibition LogiMAT where they get in contact with Strautmann. The AutoLoadBaler a baler with an automatic filling and small footprint convinced them immediately.

Disposal before:
Cardboard packaging was brought to the press container by employees of a foreign company. Thus long and many distances had to be accepted. The recyclables were collected in different containers so often disorder was the effect. The employees had to tilted the cardboard packaging from the containers into the press container. This was especially for the women energy- and nerve-racking. If the containers were too heavy, they were also taken out with a forklift truck. Many visitors came to visit the production so that the disorder (caused by different types of containers) and also the high forklift traffic were disturbing and not beneficial for the image. Furthermore, the cold weather conditions in winter made the disposal everything but not easy. Because of the disposal the doors to the outside press container were often open. Minimal temperature differences caused the readjustment of the machines, so that this was an additional disruptive- and cost factor. Overall high rental and handling costs were the result of a total cost- and time-intensive disposal solution.

Current disposal solution:
‘We are now with the AutoLoadBaler significantly more effective. We have streamlined the disposal processes and saved an amount of expense – every expand beyond our core competency “mechanical engineering” means waste.’ Tobias Mettmann, Production Management Assistant, J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE GmbH & Co. KG

Disposal: One AutoLoadBaler was installed in the warehouse and one in the production. A total of 18 collection trolleys are positioned at production, warehouse and the office building, is now disposed of economically. Cardboard and accumulating paper from the office building are stored in collection cars and driven to the press. Two employees from a third-party company are responsible for the entire disposal at WEISSER. The central positioning of the balers and the collection trolleys at the disposal stations saves time and distances.

Operation: The simple filling system from the AutoLoadBaler convinces the employees. The collection trolley is simply pushed into the side of the AutoLoadBaler and then emptied automatically. An additional empty collection trolley is always next to the AutoLoadBaler, so the employees can bring an empty collection trolley back to the disposal stations.

Remuneration: The direct marketable bales can be picked up by the waste disposal company. Ten to twelve 400-450kg bales are stored in the reconsidered warehouse.

Payback time: Due to the high cost savings regarding distances and handling costs we calculate the two AutoLoadBaler with a maximum payback period of 1.5 to 2 years.

Benefits: The internal installation of the two presses saves time and distances. The doors remain closed and the fork lift traffic is reduced to a minimum. Disposal is more efficient and also safer and more reliable. The high risk of accident risk due to the disposal outside is replaced by the internal time-saving disposal with the AutoLoadBaler.

“Compared to disposal with the press container outside, the disposal with the AutoLoadBaler inside is a blessing for the safety of our employees and the efficient of our disposal logistics.” Tobias Mettmann, Production Management Assistant, J.G. WEISSER SÖHNE GmbH & Co. KG

LogiMAT – Hall 3, Stand 3A61

Strautmann Umwelttechnick GmbH

AutoLoadBaler in the production
AutoLoadBaler in the production
Filling of the collection cart
Filling of the collection cart
AutoLoadBaler in the stock
AutoLoadBaler in the stock