Wednesday, 24. May 2017

5 steps to save 4.000h during disposal of recycables!

Strautmann is looking back on a very successful trade fair in Düsseldorf.
At the Interpack, Strautmann Umwelttechnik presented different waste handling solutions. The company offers balers and briquetting presses for compaction of valuable materials such as cardboard, film, PET, and airpop®.

In focus – the automatic baler AutoLoadBaler with an integrated collection system. Visitors have been able to watch live what it’s like to dispose of automatically and time efficient. With only 5 steps savings of 4,000h time can be used effectively within your core business.

1. Step: Insert the cardboardinto the collection trolley
The collection trolleys are placed directly at source where cardboard accrues. The employees conveniently just throw the cardboard box into the collecting trolley.

2. Step: Insertion of the collection trolley into the AutoLoadBaler
The filled collection trolley is pushed in a second in the side of the AutoLoadBaler. At the push of a button the pressing process begins. The employee is now proceeding to work and collection trolleys are emptied by itself.

3. Step: Automatic emptying of the collection trolley
The bottom of the collection trolley is lifted by a scissor lift table. The cardboard boxes thus move upwards. A special rotor technique pulls the cardboard and distributes it evenly in the press chamber.

4. Step: Compaction of cardboard
By a pressing force of 530kN, the cardboard is compacted into a direct marketable bale. With four quick-link wires the bale is tied up quickly and ready for pick up.

5. Step: Marketing of bales
The 400kg direct marketable bales are directly sold to the recycling market with high revenues. Ensuring a 100% transport payload and high revenues result in an economical and environmentally friendly disposal.

With the centrally located AutoLoadBaler your employees have more time for the core business, less walking distances and no waiting and filling times at the baler.

In addition to the disposal of cardboard, visitors were also able to watch LIVE how film is compacted with a small baler. The small and compact machine is placed centrally, to ensure shorter walking distances and time saving. The compaction of film into bales is economical and achieves higher revenues.

Strautmann´s wide range of products offers vertical balers from small to large, from manual to fully automatic and briquetting presses on top.

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH 

AutoLoadBaler Live compacting
AutoLoadBaler Live compacting
AutoLoadBaler - 4.000 h time saving
AutoLoadBaler - 4.000 h time saving