Time controlStrautmann Time-control


Strautmann balers work with a time-control. That means that the bales are always compacted with full pressing force for a certain time. Due to that fact high bale densities and bale weights are reached. Thanks to the high bale density less consumables are needed and the effort and time for tying the bales is reduced.  Comparable models work with pressure-control. That means that as soon as the maximum pressure is reached for one moment during the press process the compaction process is stopped immediately and the press plate is lifted up. Due to that bale density is lower and thereby the effort for tying and transportation is higher.  



Strautmann time-control:

  • High bale density and -weight
  • Less tying effort
  • Less transportaion costs


  1. Higher energy consumption
  2. Higher tying effort
  3. Higher transportation costs




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Baling presses for cardboard


Nowadays, recycling of cardboard packaging and paper is of major importance. Due to the return to the material cycle, the cardboard packaging and the waste paper are recycled during the paper production. The higher the quality of the cardboard packaging and the better the selective separation, the higher the proceeds resulting from the sale of the bales.


Strautmann baling presses compact cardboard packaging and paper into bales of high density. The range of products varies from manual filling and binding to fully automatic baling presses.


More information about baling presses.

More information about possible material.




Baling presses for film


Meanwhile, film has become a very popular recyclable. High proceeds are realised from the sale of film bales. There are several colours and types of film. The better the selective separation of the films before being pressed, the higher the proceeds for the film bales.



Strautmann baling presses are also able to compact films made of different plastics. The problem: In contrast to paper and cardboard packaging, film re-expands after having been compacted.


Our solution: Strautmann offers reinforced presses with material holding down devices especially for film. Thus, high bale densities are achieved while keeping the service life of the press at a consistently high level.


More information about compaction of film

Compacting PET bottles with balers and briquetting presses


After the Coca Cola Company introduced PET bottles in 1990, Strautmann developed fully automatic briquetting presses for this recyclable. Years of experience and the reliable service have made Strautmann the market leader in Germany's beverage industry as the manufacturer of briquetting presses.


95% of German bottling factories use Strautmann presses to compact their PET bottles and include them in the ongoing production process.


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less for the disposal!



  • short walking distances due to internal


  • less walking routes thanks to high filling volume


  • no manual crushing anymore


  • no filling time due to automatic filling


  • no waiting-time


  • free storage area for the core business


  • free ramp for delivery of goods


  • independent of service providers