PET bottles quick and automatic compaction

High revenues for PET bales and briquettes

PET bottles - filled and empty


After the Coca Cola Company introduced PET bottles in 1990, Strautmann developed fully automatic briquetting presses for this recyclable. Years of experience and the reliable service have made Strautmann the market leader in Germany's beverage industry as the manufacturer of briquetting presses. 95% of German bottling factories use Strautmann presses to compact their PET bottles and include them in the running production process. Thus, large quantities are quickly and reliably compacted. Our baling presses can also be used for smaller quantities.


For emptying filled PET bottles, for example because the best-before date has expired or soap residues have entered the beverages while the machine was cleaned, Strautmann has developed the dewatere LiquiDrainer® . This machine fully automatically empties filled beverage packages and separates the liquid from the packaging material.


Possible machines for your PET bottles disposal

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