Cans of different kinds often serve as packaging for food, beverages, lacquers and paints. The emptied cans require a lot of space when being stored and transported, thus causing high costs. Baling presses with a can crushing platform compact cans by up to 95%.


Beverage cans made of aluminium and tinplate are high-quality recyclables which are returned to the material cycle. For their optimum compaction, the Strautmann briquetting press series BrikPress and our baling presses are used in a lot of industries.


For emptying filled beverage cans, for example because the best-before date has expired or soap residues have entered the beverages while the machine was cleaned, Strautmann has developed the beverage- dewaterer LiquiDrainer®. This machine fully automatically empties filled beverage packages and separates the liquid from the packaging material.


Possible machines