Dustbin press MT 240


Your benefit


  • Space saving
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Optimal usage of collection bin
  • Easy handling
  • Low space requirement
  • Creates order


Dustbin press: saves space and costs for waste


Strautmann-Dustbin press gives space inside the bin. The volume of the residual waste inside the placed bins is reduced by the bin press up to 75%. With some 100kg pressing weight the residual waste is compacted. Especially in the hotel business, gastronomy, hospitality and social and public institution rubbish bin presses are used preferably.


Due to a special construction the bin is lifted during the press process and the wheels do not touch the ground. In this way the bin is not stressed and the life duration is longer. Two-hand-operation of our dustbin presses ensures an easy and safe operation.


Thanks to using the dustbin press you not only save space, also your disposal costs are reduced. You do not even have more space inside the bin but also "more money in your pocket".

MT 240 gives space inside the bin!


Do not waste the space inside the bin anymore. Start so save disposal costs. The MT 240 compacts recyclables reliably and comfortably. The volume and the disposal costs are reduced.



MT 240 will become your personal assistant.


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Dustbin press

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Rubbish bin press

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