Rollcontainer residual waste presses

RC 660/770 and RC 1100


Your benefit


  • Volume reduction up to 75%
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Less space required
  • Small footprint
  • Creates order
  • Easy operation 




Strautmann-Rollcontainer press RC 1100 and RC 660/770 compact your recyclables directly in 660, 770 and 1,100l Containers. That way you save disposal costs and in total it will become more orderly.


Handling is convenient and easy. The roll container is easily placed in the steel construction of the press and is fixed by lateral arms. Thereby high stability and security during the press process is achieved. Now, the roll container can be filled and in the next step the material is compacted by the roll-container-press. During the press process the wheels do not touch the ground and are not stressed due to lifting the container a bit. After the press process the roll container can be filled and material can be compacted as often as you wish.


Residual waste presses RC 660/770 and RC 110


Roll container press

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