Emptying of filled PET bottles, beverage cans and TetraBrik. Complete emptying about 95%.

Emptying filled beverage containers

Clean. Secure. Reliable.



Emptying filled PET bottles, cans and cartons packages



Your benefit


  • Flexible use
  • Fast emptying
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Introduction into the running process
  • Continuous operation
  • Small footprint

LiquiDrainer® – profitable, automatic and quick emptying of filled beverage packages

Efficient and automatic emptying – time-intensive manual emptying is over!


The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cartons. Also whole packages can be emptied. Cost-intensive manual opening of PET bottles is not necessary anymore. This work is now done by LiquiDrainer® automatically and quick. The small footprint and low weight enables a mobile usage. Furthermore the LiquiDrainer® can be used flexible for different materials.


Function is as easy as pie:

Filled packages are thrown into the feeding hopper. A rotating rotor pierces the packages (not shredded!) and squeezes them out and precompacts them. The liquids are targetly drained and go through coarse filter. Emptied material is pushed out automatically by the following material.  Emptied and pre-compacted material can be further compacted with briquetting and baling presses .


The compact design of the LiquiDrainer® makes easy cleaning and transport of the dewaterer possible.

Full automatic process

Empties and compacts full containers


The dewaterer LiquiDrainer empties filled beverage containers and afterwards the full automatic baler BaleTainer compacts packaging into direct marketable bales. A holistic waste disposal concept!

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Possible material

PET, Carton packages, Cans



LiquiDrainer® - Emptying of PET bottles, Carton, Cans


Efficient and automatic emptying

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