Volume reduction of loose EPS (airpop®)


Your benefit


  • 100% Transport capacitiy
  • Continuous operation
  • Small machinery footprint
  • High revenues for briquettes
  • No operating staff necessary
  • Non-stop operation 24/7 possible
  • Automatic concept
  • Insertion of big shapes and quantities
  • Cost savings in logistics and staff


Briquette press StyroPress®

Volume reduction of EPS (Styropor® jetzt airpop®) of up to 97%!


StyroPress®  is a briquetting press for the volume reduction of loose EPS (airpop®). The innovative press concept of this briquett press with integrated shredder compacts briquettes of up to 700 kg/m3. This briquette-density ensures full capacity of truck and sea containers with 24 t.


For comparison: Without compaction with a briquetter only about 800kg of loose material could be transported on a truck or in a container! This way you save considerable costs for transportation and logistics. In addtion the briquettes can be sold profitably!


Function: Due to the large feeding opening (ca. 120 x 120cm) of the briquetting press the material pieces directly reach the six shredder shafts and get crushed. With augers the crushed material is transported via a buffer into the press chamber. With a pressing force of 250kN the material is compacted into briquettes.







StyroPress: Up to 98% volume reduction airpop®

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