PP 1208 Plus 70 with high pressing force for compaction of electronic strap and foam.

Power packs for high amounts of material

Equipped with all quality standards they make the disposal becoming comfortable and economical.

Power packs for high amounts

Baling presses PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus 70


Your benefit


  • Comfortable in operation
  • Huge filling opening
  • Automatic band brake
  • Massive steel construction
  • Order and cleanliness
  • Direct marketing
  • High revenues for bales



With our very strong and long-lasting baling presses PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus 70 you reach the premium class of vertical baling presses. These "waste presses" are real power packs and compact different materials into bales. Even if cardboard packaging, film, PET bottles, foam, electronical scrap or cans these balers compress nearly everything. They compress your "waste" with up to 70 tons pressing force into recyclable bales.



Compared to a “loose collection” and disposal of recyclables the advantages of compaction into bales are clear. As described in the case of BalePress 18 up to 53 your employees safe walking routes, time and they reduce the disposal costs and even achieve revenues for the bales. With an annual amount of 50 up to 280 t the balers PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus 70 compact the recyclables reliably and economic friendly into direct marketable bales with bale weights of up to 450 kg.



Extras: Premium league is not only a word.

These balers are serially equipped with all advantages that make the operation easy, safe and comfortable. 


  • The  QuickDoor® Swing-/Sliding door for a fast, space-saving and safe filling of the press chamber.
  • The Press-Shield-Guidingsystem TopPlus® prolongs life time of the baler. Imbalance of the press plate during press process is avoided due to the very stable construction.
  • The CircleSystem® reduce re-expansion of the compacted material after the press process by using downholders inside the press chamber.
  • The hydraulical door lock HydroClose® controls the re-expansion forces while door opening with a separate cylinder to avoid unexpected door opening.
  • The hydraulical bale ejector BaleMatic® increases user convenience. The highly compacted bale is always ejected safely and comfortably.




PP 1208 and PP 1208 Plus70



PP 1208 and PP1208 Plus70

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PP 1208 and PP1208 Plus70


PP 1208

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