Multi-chamber baling press MK 1100

Sorted collection in one press



Your benefit


  • Sorted separation
  • One baler for different materials
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Volume reduction up to 90%
  • Direct marketable bales
  • Savings in storage and transportation costs
  • Hydraulical bale ejector
  • Low space requirement



The multi-chamber baling press MK 1100 makes a sorted separation of your recyclables of anual material amounts of 30t  to 150t possible. Placing two or more press chambers side by side cardboard packaging and film can be collected inside the multichamber baling press. 


The press chamber can easily be filled with material from above. In the next step the movable press plunger is moved above the filled press chamber and the material is compacted into bales.


Extras of the baling press: The press shield guiding system TopPlus® stabilized the press plate during the press process and prolongs life duration of the components.  The hydraulical bale ejector BaleMatic® ensures a comfortable bale ejection.


Multichamber baling press MK 1100

Recyclables for compaction

MK 1100

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MK 1100