BalePress 3, 3 CD and BalePress 4 CD

Compact and economical entry-level models



Your benefit


  • Mobile baler with intuitive operation
  • Small footprint
  • Machine height below 2m
  • Easy handling (Plug and Play)
  • Order and cleanliness



The mobile balers BalePress 3, BalePress 3 CD and BalePress 4 CD are perfectly suited for material amounts of 5 to 25 tons. With a machine height of less than 2m balers can easily be installed in low buildings. The small baling presses can be placed by means of a forklift truck.


Also our smallest balers have huge advantages: they reduce the volume of loose cartons by up to 90%. That saves logistics- and storage costs! The material is compacted into bales with a bale weight of 30/40kg.



CD = Closed Door

Baling presses BalePress 3 CD and BalePress 4 CD differ from BalePress 3 in the field of bale tying. With these two machines the bale is tied with closed door (CD = Closed Door). The BalePress 3 is equipped with "Easy Tie" bale tying. With opened door the bale is tied comfortably and quickly. 




BalePress 3 CD - The new entry-model 


The compact helper for your disposal! By means of "Plug and Play" it compacts cardboard packaging and film easily and comfortably into bales. BalePress 3 CD is perfectly suited for material amounts of 5 to 15t. With an installation height of less than 2m the press can easily be placed with a forklift. The small helper has big advantages: volume reduction of recyclables saves space, time and logistics costs.




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BalePress 3

BalePress 3 CD and 4 CD


BalePress 3 CD, BalePress 3, BalePress 4 CD 

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BalePress 3 CD, BalePress 3, BalePress 4 CD

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