Small balers BalePress 3,4,6,10

Compact waste disposal helper



Your benefit


  • Mobile balers with intuitive operation
  • Flexible in use
  • Small footprint
  • Machine height below 2m
  • Easy handling with Plug and Play
  • Order and cleanliness


Even at small material amounts usage of these balers pays off. The small baling presses create order, cleanliness and space.

Perfectly suited for quantities from 5 to 50 tons of cardboard packaging, paper and film they reduce the volume of recyclables by 90%. That way you save logistics- and storage costs! Depending on the model pressing force vary from 3 to 10 tons. Due to its machine height lower than 2 m the small baling presses can easily be placed inside low buildings directly at source using a forklift.




Filling height is ergonomically designed and the relative huge chamber dimensions enable high filling quantities. Easy bale tying with "Easy Tie" allows fast bale tying. The bale weights range between 30 and 100 kg depending on type of machinery.


The stable press-shield-guidance TopPlus® ensures long lifetime. BalePress 10 is moreover equipped with a hydraulical bale ejector. Smaller models are equipped with the bale collection cart to eject the bale easily and comfortably. 



CD = Closed Door

BalePress 3 CD and BalePress 4 CD differ according to bale tying from the baling presses BalePress 3 to BalePress 10. Bale tying of these two "CD" machines works with closed door (CD = Closed Door). BalePress 3, 4, 6 and 10 are featured with "Easy Tie" bale tying. That means fast and comfortable bale tying with open door




BalePress 3 - 10

BalePress 3 CD - The entry-model 


By means of "Plug and Play" this baler compacts cardboard packaging and film easily and comfortably into bales.

BalePress 3 CD is perfectly suited for material amounts of 5 to 15t. With an installation height of less than 2m the press can easily be placed with a forklift.


The small helper has big advantages:

  • volume reduction of recyclables saves space
  • time and logistics costs.




BalePress 3 - 10

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