Baling presses BalePress 6, BalePress 10

Small strong helper


The baling presses BalePress 6 and BalePress 10 compact loose packaging material like cardboard packaging, paper and film into bales. Material amounts of 12 to 50 tons are good areas of application. The small balers create order and cleanliness. Loose material does not lie around anymore, it is collected orderly inside the press chamber.


The presses can mobile be used and can easily be transported by means of a lift truck. Small footprint and ergonomic-friendly handling of these small baling presses make the installation easy and uncomplicated. Already with small amounts of recyclables the usage of balers is profitable. The relatively big chamber enables high filling volume and bale weights. Easy handling with "Easy Tie" makes bale tying fast. Equipped with our strong press-shield guiding system "TopPlus®" lifecycle duration of the baler is extended.


BalePress 10 is also equipped with a hydraulical bale ejector.


Your benefit


  • Stability and long life duration
  • Small footprint
  • Ergonomic filling height
  • High filling volume
  • Easy operation
  • Savings in warehouse and transportation costs

BalePress 6

BalePress 10

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BalePress 6, BalePress 10

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