BalePress 4 and BalePress 6 s

Comfortable entry-level models



Your benefit


  • Small footprint
  • Ergonomically feeding height
  • High feeding volume
  • Easy operation
  • Bale tying “Easy Tie”
  • Savings in storage- and transportation costs



Our balers BalePress 4 and BalePress 6s compact materials like cardboard, paper and film. They are perfectly suited for amounts of 8 to 35 tons. The high filling volume of the small balers saves space and time. These small helpers create order and cleanliness. A small footprint and an intuitive handling makes installation of the compact baling press easy and uncomplicated. With little amount of material already the use of these balers is profitable.


“Easy Tie” tying with open door makes bale tying easy and comfortable.




BalePress 4


BalePress 6s


BalePress 4, BalePress 6 S

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BalePress 4, BalePress 6 S 

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