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Baling presses BalePress 18, 28 and BalePress 53 



Do you know the problem of loose cardboard and film laying around? Packaging material needs to be disposed of and recycled. And in the first step that means for you in your company internal effort? With the use of baling presses your "waste" becomes "valuable material" for sure!


In case of annual material amounts from 25t up to 250t our balers with 18, 28 and 53 tons pressing force are exactly the right solution for your disposal. Fast, efficient and quiet in operation recyclables like cardboard and film are being compacted. For you that means, loose material does not lie around anymore and space in your company is not wasted. In comparison with loose collection the press saves 400kg on 1m³ instead of 10kg loose cardboard per 1m³. Producing bales less walking ways to the disposal place or collection place are needed, because of transporting more material at once. Thus our customers save not only save time for the transportation ways, they also often save forklift costs. 


With these baling presses packaging material like paper, cardboard and film are compacted into direct marketable bales which weight about 400kg and achieve high revenues by selling them.



Your benefit


  • Savings in disposal costs
  • Improvement of in-house disposal-logistics
  • Less number of transports in-house and external
  • Time-saving - More time for your core business
  • High revenues for direct marketable bales

Strautmann presses


Our baling presses are designed user-friendly and ensure a long life time. Our stable press-shield-guidance TopPlus® ensures not only high compaction of bales - furthermore stability of the baler and press plate is ensured and service costs are reduced. Using a sliding door you save time and space while opening the door. The sliding door is pushed up and does not stay in the middle of the room impeding transit traffic like usual doors. 


  • Comfortable and easy filling
  • Less space required
  • High volume reduction



For faster filling of the baler the sliding door can in addition be equipped with an automatic opening. People who prefer the Strautmann QuickDoor® can equip their baling press optionally with this door. The QuickDoor® makes operation more comfortable and handling fast and secure.


BalePress 18 with low installation height is especially constructed for buildings with limited ceiling height and BalePress 28 is additionally equipped with a very fast cycle time.



If you also wish to get a profitable disposal do not hesitate to contact us.




BalePress 18, 28, 53

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BalePress 18, 28, 53

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BalePress 18, 28, 53 


BalePress 18, 28, 53

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