Full automatic. Comfortable. Reliable.


Your benefit


  • Comfortable operation
  • Insertion of big forms and amounts
  • Automatic filling possible
  • 100% Transport capacity
  • Patented machinery concept
  • Revenues for bales
  • Cost savings in logistics and personal expenditure
  • Continuous operation

The BaleTainer® is a full automatic baling press for the compaction of paper, cardboard packaging, film and emptied PET bottles

Without effort the machine compacts high amounts of material.  BaleTainer® innovative dimension of disposal technology:  


Due to the huge filling opening high amounts of PET bottles and big cartons like octabins and paper pallets can easily be thrown in without pre-crushing. 


Filling variants

  • Manual filling,
  • forklift filling,
  • conveyor belt filling and
  • feeding by means of lifting and tipping devices are possible. 



As soon as the bale is compacted and tied it is pushed out one by one full automatically.

Next to the full automatic feeding of the press chamber wire tying and bale ejection also works full automatically.

That saves work force and time! Due to a special press concept of the baler less pressing force, less energy consumption and less footprint is required.


Mill size bales offer all requirements for direct marketing. Trucks and sea containers are fully loaded with 24t.

The BaleTainer® can be placed at source inside the company and can be integrated into the running processes.

Time effort and costs for long transportation routes are saved and the internal logistics is improved.



Filling variants



Fully automatic baling press - BaleTainer®



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