We walk 4.000 hours less for waste disposal!


The AutoLoadBaler

more than a usual baler.


  1. No manual pre-crushing needed
  2. Automatic filling
  3. No waiting time - time saving
  4. Improvement of internal logistics






Optimizing the internal and external disposal logistics


Our customers optimize their disposal processes and their disposal logistics and save thereby every year up to 4.000 hours time. This time can be used for the core business.


Especially the automatic baling presses are real "Optimizer".








Your specialist for disposal technology

You save time and money


With the use of Strautmann baling- and briquette presses you save time and money. Due to the internal installation the internal logistics is improved. Long walking ways to the outside - in wind and weather - are eliminated. Order and cleanliness are created and "waste" becomes "valuable recyclable". Compacted into bales and briquettes you achieve high revenues for the material (whether if cardboard packaging, film, PET, airpop®/Styropor,...). The disposal becomes easy, ecological and profitable.



Strautmann Presses in Action

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  1. Full automatic.

  2. Convenient.

  3. Reliable.


The BaleTainer® is a full automatic baling press for the compaction of cardboard packaging, paper, film and emptied PET bottles. The automatic baler manages effortless high amounts of material. The innovative BaleTainer® brings you to the next dimension of disposal technology! 





The perfect entry model

BalePress 3 CD


The compact helper for your disposal!

Via "Plug and Play" cardboard and film is easily and comfortably compacted into bales.


Your benefits 


  • Space-saving
  • Order and cleanliness
  • Small footprint - low installation height below 2m
  • Mobile machine with intuitive operation



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Briquette press StyroPress®

Volume reduction of loose EPS (airpop®)

  1. No pre-crushing of material needed
  2. Extremely high compacted briquettes
  3. Full truck load
  4. High revenues


The briquette density ensures full transport capacity of trucks and sea containers with 24 t.



Satisfied customers report

Strautmann presses in action

Chocolate manufacturer Ludwig Weinrich

Plant manager Mr. Kamphowe reports:


„The salesman of Strautmann advised us very well and took us to reference customers. He advised us about the right size of machinery and the differences between compaction of cardboard and compaction of film. Moreover he calculated all costs and revenues of the project. This was as logical as we immediately presented it to our management and got the "Go". Shortly the project was conclusive and the figures matched. It became a huge showcase at Weinrich.“





Beverage bottler Hansa-Heemann


The beverage bottler Hansa-Heemann disposes of cardboard packaging, film and PET bottles with Strautmann. The disposal with Strautmann machines makes the work more efficient and the disposal becomes economic and ecological.













Befüllung des LiquiDrainer®

Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

We have the right solution for your disposal.