BaleTainer at Wessels+Müller AG

Wednesday, 20/06/2018


BaleTainer - Modern recycling technology Entsorgungstechnologie


Economical and environmentally friendly – the requirements for modern recycling technology are clearly formulated. Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH uses exactly these strengths with the BaleTainer, a fully automatic baler for paper, cardboard and PET bottles.


BaleTainer® Lifting device



Save seven hours per working day - How is this possible?


The company Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH in Straubing reports enormous time savings. Strictly speaking Ingram saves since 3 years every day 7 hours!



Strautmann Umwelttechnik Team

Friday, 25/05/2018


Review: Successful IFAT for Strautmann Umwelttechnik


The machine manufacturer Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH reports about the successful IFAT in Munich.


AutoLoadBaler, LSG in Zurich



Intelligent recycling in passenger aviation


LSG now empties all full and half-full bottles that come back from the airport, compacts 350 kilograms of packaging per day for baling and, as a result, now saves around US $41,000 a year.


Exhibition stand Strautmann Umwelttechnik

Thursday, 29/03/2018


Economic disposal solutions at Anuga FoodTec!


The topic of "lean and clean disposal" is particularly important in food production. Many deliveries of goods lead to high quantities of cardboard and film. Strautmann offered visitors live demonstrations on the exhibition and allowed an insight into the modern and economic disposal of different materials.


LogiMAT 2018

Wednesday, 21/03/2018


AutoLoadBaler - the pioneer of lean disposal processes!


Strautmann is looking back on a very successful exhibition in Stuttgart from March 13th-15th. Numerous LogiMat visitors came by at the booth in Hall 3 A61.


The "AutoLoadBaler" a baler with automatic collection and filling system was the major attraction. The visitors were able to get a realistic impression of "modern disposal" with numerous LIVE-compactions at the stand.


Anuga FoodTec, Hall 8.1 Stand B110/B118

Wednesday, 17/01/2018


Balers sweeten the daily life of chocolate factory!


“For the disposal project all costs and revenues were calculated. That was that plausible that we immediately presented it to our management and got immediately the ‘go’”, explains Mr. Kamphowe, Plant Manager, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG.


Daniel, Kleiner, Specialist for work safety, Albert Berner Deutschland GmbH

Wednesday, 13/12/2017

Safe disposal system impresses employees and managers!


In economic terms the company saves 46.000€ each year. Albert Berner GmbH has optimized it’s disposal optimally and is a big fan of the AutoLoadBaler.


AutoLoadBaler Live compacting

Wednesday, 24/05/2017

5 steps to save 4.000h during disposal of recycables!

Visitors have been able to watch live what it’s like to dispose of automatically and time efficient. With only 5 steps savings of 4,000h time can be used effectively within your core business.


LogiMat 2017

Monday, 03/04/2017


Do you also still tear up your cardboard packaging manually?

The centrally positioned AutoLoadBaler with collection trolleys optimizes the disposal. Up to 4,000 hours are possibly saved with the AutoLoadBaler.


Strautmann stand Euroshop

Tuesday, 28/03/2017


Modern waste disposal meets specialist audience at Euroshop!


Highlight at the exhibition: A part of the Strautmann exhibition ground was equipped with a tartan raceway. This led to the AutoLoadBaler, a bale press with automatic collection and filling system.



Tuesday, 07/02/2017


BayWa AG discovers the assets that are hidden in the waste disposal!


BayWa AG in Röthlein, Germany, uses the new disposal solutions AutoLoadBaler and BalePress to dispose of cardboard and film. With this disposal solution 33,000€ are saved every year.


Bernd Hummel, Team Leader Engineering

Friday, 23/12/2016


Efficient changes lead to higher disposal revenues!


Bernd Hummel, Team Leader Engineering, AMK A. Müller GmbH & Co. KG., Head of Logistics, reported: "With an amortization period of approximately 18 months, the purchase of our disposal solution AutoLoadBaler is economical and efficient."


EuroShop 2017

Monday, 12/12/2016


AutoLoadBaler - Unique and patented

From warehouses to stores – A success for everyone!


Originally designed for the retail industry, our AutoLoadBaler now inspires warehousing and production industry with automatic filling and small footprint.


LiquiDrainer® Rotor

Wednesday, 30/11/2016


5 steps to success: economical disposal of beverage containers


With the Strautmann machines you get an immediate optimization of your disposal processes. Quick and lean you can reduce your disposal processes to a minimum.



BrikPress and LiquiDrainer®

Tuesday, 04/10/2016


Lean disposal processes enable the Mineralbrunnen GmbH Teinach more time


"We looked for a partner that automates our disposal solution and guarantees us reliability." Mr. Schanz, plant manager, Mineralbrunnen Teinach GmbH


Forklift feeding

Thursday, 25/08/2016


Strautmann Umwelttechnik at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany


For the beverage industry it is unpossible to dispose of without the LiquiDrainer® since many years. Also for food production and catering companies the LiquiDrainer® is more necessary than ever.


Angelo Rosenberger, Rewe Dortmund

Thursday, 28/04/2016


"We work according to the specialist principle"


"Our members of staff no longer have to cover great distances. The paths could be reduced by 50%, and things are tidier and cleaner." Angelo Rosenberger, head of the largest commissioning area in the dry goods department of Rewe Dortmund.


Mr. Kamphowe, Operation manager, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG

Balers sweeten the daily life of chocolate factory!


"It was an awesome effect that we suddenly had sales revenue for bales and we are now marketing our bales, which makes it so interesting that not only the test department has been reorganized, but the entire plant," reports Mr. Kamphowe, Plant Owner. Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG.